Digital checklist with video

Quick, Simple and Effective. Digital check (EVHC) and video in one.  

How it works? Perform a check  

With EVHC you can perform a check on a tablet or smartphone.  

All essential items are checked, step by step. Nothing is forgotten and all results are digitally recorded.  

The effect? More efficiency in the workshop.  

Add a video ... 

Show the actual condition and any necessary repairs. Quick, Simple and Effective.  

  • Seeing is believing;
  • Get a quick authorisation;
  • Transparency leads to additional sales  

Send, Confirm and Sell ... 

Check and video completed? The check results are merged with the video on a webpage.  

This page is on a unique URL for the customer. Send the unique URL to your customer and invite him to view the video and check.  

  • Receive a notification once the video has been viewed
  • Send the check from the system by email or text message
  • Customers can authorise repairs online  

Joint forces...  

VentaVid and AutoConnect Holland have created a unique digital video check solution by completely integrating both systems.  

Very user-friendly, all within one application, that's the strength of this unique tool.  

About EVHC EVHC is developed from practice, very easy to use and with immediate results. We provide any desired digital check for any desired vehicle. Finish service lists, record measurement results, record points of attention and follow up automatically.  

More info about EVHC? click here

About VentaVid More sales, higher customer satisfaction. VentaVid has developed a video application that allows companies to easily and quickly create and send a personal video message in their own corporate style. Due to this companies are seeing both their customer satisfaction as well as their sales performance increase.

More info about VentaVid? click here  

More info about VentaVid? click here